Card Condition Guide

Near Mint cards

Near Mint (NM)

Cards in Near Mint condition show little to no wear. A Near Mint card may have a tiny edge nick, a minor scratch or two or minor surface clouding but overall look nearly unplayed with no major defects or flaws.

Lightly Played cards

Lightly Played (LP)

Cards in Lightly Played condition may have a few indications of border/corner wear, light scratches or indents. Mild surface clouding may also fall under Lightly Played condition. Noticeable imperfections are okay, but none should be too severe or at too high a volume.

Moderately Played cards

Moderately Played (MP)

Cards in Moderately Played condition show significant wear. A card in Moderate Play condition may show significant edge/border wear, scratching, small ink stains, scuffing, mild riffle shuffle marks or mild whitening.

Heavily Played (HP)

Cards in Heavily Played Condition include cards with heavy whitening around all edges, heavy scratching, excessive inking, moderate dirt build-up, one or two minor creases and/or widespread shallow indents.

Damaged (D)

Damaged Cards include cards with large or multiple creases across the card. Damaged cards may have any amount of edgewear, scratches, indents, surface clouding or ink. Damaged cards will not have tears or rips.